Wood fired sauna heater

  Wood Fired Sauna Heater:

SAWO-21 is a wood burning sauna stove made from high quality materials and is suitable for sauna rooms that are between 8 and 21 cubic meters.

SAWO-21 heater is designed to conduct thermal energy efficiently from the flue gas to the sauna stones and the sauna room. Well designed fire chamber ensures the clean burning and fast heating.

SAWO-21 is durable, fast and energy efficient choise for medium sized wood heated saunas.



Sauna Min/Max Volume:  8/21 cubic meters

Weight: 56Kg

Smoke pipe diameter: 143mm

Ventilation louver minimum size: 100mm in diameter

Heater size: [W]430 x [D]490 x [H]690

Max. length of the wood: 10-15cm

Max. length of the wood: 10-15cm

Stone capacity: 35Kg


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