How to Choose Sauna Heater



Calculate volume of your sauna room by multiplying it's width, length and height.

For example, sauna room [W]1.5 x [L]2 x [H]2.1m would have a total room volume - 6.3 cubic meters



Always choose the heater size 2-3 cubic meters below of the specified maximum room volume.

For example, sauna room [W]1.5 x [L]2 x [H]2.1m with a total room volume of 6.3 cubic meters would work the best with 6 or 8 kW heater.

Note: That is if the walls and ceiling are covered with panels and insulation behind the panels are adequate.



You need to allow for uninsulated materials used in your sauna such as glass door or window.

Non-insulated walls (brick, glass block, glass, concrete, tile, etc.) increase the need for heater output. Always add 1,2 m3 on top to the volume of the sauna for each non-insulated wall square meter.

For example, sauna room [W]1.5 x [L]2 x [H]2.1m with a total room volume of 6.3 cubic meters with glass door taking up 0.8 square meters, the following calculations must be made:

  • Total room volume is 6.3 cubic meters
  • Total uninsulated glass used for the door is 0.8 sq. m. multiplied by 1.2 would be equal to extra 0.96 cubic meters to be added to the total volume
  • Therefore the total volume of the room with the glass door is now 7.26 cubic meters and recommended heater size would be 8kW.

Note: Sauna heater with separate controls come with external thermostat and works more efficiently since it measures temperature from the room where heater with built-in controls has built-in thermostat and measures temperature inside the unit (and as a result of the safety, unit switches off more often).